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Dosage and applications

Dosage and applications

Eventual Sodium Hypochlorite overdosing does not causes any damage to health, but taste worsening of the water to drink. We suggest in the eventuality to down untreated water and respect times of contact.

Wound disinfection
Down concentrated product 1:10 (1 liter + 9 liters of clear water). After disinfecting treatment rinse with down disinfectant solution (1:20) prepared few hours in advance in order to clear from residual salt, normally present into Sodium Hypochlorite, from the wound thus avoiding local irritations.

Food disinfection and washing:
Fruits and vegetables can be decontaminated with no loss of quality, washing them with downed sodium hypochlorite solution (down to 1:1000).
Fishes and shellfishes fished into polluted waters can also be treated with disinfectant (down to 1:20).

Further uses

Surgical and dental instruments
Treatment of floors
Working places
Washable surfaces
Barns and livestock
Down concentrated product to 1:10 (1liter + 9 liters of non muddy water).

Field of application for Sodium Hypochlorite disinfectant:

* Either human and animal designed waters
* Meats, vegetables and fruits disinfection.
* Feeding bottles sterilization.
* Systematic infected sheets, garments and tissues disinfection.
* Sores and wounds disinfection.
* Mycosis treatment.
* Surgical instruments disinfection.
* Disinfection of animals, barnsí walls and barnís slurry.
* Disinfection of human slurry.
* Disinfection of biological human liquids like phlegm, vomit, anatomic parts, blood, etc.
* Working and living environments disinfection, like schools, barracks, etc.
* Cutlery, dishes and pots and pans disinfection.

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