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When respecting correct usage conditions, like proper concentration and right time of contact between disinfecting solution and material to treat, Sodium Hypochlorite, also known as bleach, surely is one of the most powerful and effective wide spectrum antiseptics discovered by human being. It is capable of destroying up to 99,99% of microbes, bacteria, viruses, algae, eggs, spore and protozoa.
Sodium Hypochlorite in fact, it is used since ever in the largest number of water works in Northern Europe and North America in order to grant a perfect hygiene of the water to drink.
A second most widely known use of it, consist in swimming pool waters disinfection, where its known under generic name of Chlorine, but it results as much largely employed in food industry, as well as for waste water and in general disinfection.
Proposed production method is basically the same of the one followed by chemical industry to produce the precious disinfectant in large quantities, with the fundamental characteristic to use for its production as a precise choice poor rough materials, therefore available everywhere, also in the developing countries.

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